Jeffrey Cullen Dean


African American Cultural Arts and History Center

The African American Cultural Arts and History Center is located in Burlington, North Carolina. I worked in a team of six developers to redesign the non-profit’s website and to develop a microsite as virtual exhibit space for the center’s museum.


Heist is a spec mobile interface developed as a digital assistant for thieves. Its UX and UI were inspired by fitness tracking and dating apps to create a product for thieves to find others to join their teams and plan their heists.

Goodbye, Fantarama!

Goodbye, Fantarama! is a work of interactive fiction designed and developed as my master’s capstone project. It is a research, narrative, and design project inspired by the hypertext fiction written in the late 90s and early aughts. The project was developed through six Agile sprints.

Ozark Materials

Ozark Materials, located in Greenville, Alabama, hired me to redesign a deck of slides for the company’s presentation to buyers.


Breaking is a infographic detailing the closures of local newspapers across the United States, and the effects those closures have on the communities and news deserts that are left behind.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

This project is a work of kinetic typography based on the ending monologue of the 1939 movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Typography was used to emphasize the emotion of the speech and to remix the scene as a new work.